Sunday 12 June 2011

A long job list

There was a long job list to get through this morning before the forecast rain was due to arrive at lunchtime.  I'm pleased to say that we managed to get it all done in time.

First on the list was some spit offs and matings.  Oonagh, Lualeni and Sienna all spat off nicely which was good, so then it was on to mating. 

Following shearing on Friday Princess Mallika and Golden Guinea were pleased to see each other, both were very heavily fleeced so we'd made the decision that they would have to wait until they had been sheared, that way there was no worry about any issues.  I've heard a couple of not very nice stories!

We had Ursula and Little Miss Irraquoy in the channel whilst the matings were going on as I'm really not sure what is going on with them.  I'm pretty sure Ursula isn't pregnant but she's not at all happy anywhere near the male so I think some Estrumate is called for. 

As for LMI, she's supposed to be at 324 days but has been flirting with the boys at the fence for a few weeks now but spits at them if they come near.  Now that she's been sheared she's not looking very pregnant although she has hide her previous two pregnancies well.  Anyway today she sat, doh!  However when Gianmarco's Masterpiece went to do his stuff she started moaning so I pulled the poor chap away. 

With her being so close to her due date her hormones might just be all over the place so I'll keep a close eye on her and see if I can spot any movement, surely now she's sheared and she's that far on it shouldn't be to difficult.

Next job was a batch of routine injections which all went well, I even managed to get Paul to do his first ever alpaca injection without even having to ask.

The then girls got to move onto some fresh grass, long lush green grass which went down a treat.  After moving the girls all they equipment then has to follow, hurdles to make feeding and mating pens, feed troughs etc.  By the time we'd finished that the clouds were starting to roll in, and shortly after then rain arrived.

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Rosemary said...

First alpaca injection! That is a very big moment . . I am still not that keen and I have now done hundreds! Carl has not reached the first injection stage yet!