Saturday 11 June 2011

Maybe I should keep this quiet

Having fed and checked everyone this morning we headed off up to Scotland to an alpaca auction that was on.  As is always the case when I travel any distance in the car I was busy knitting! 

Carol and Dave were on Molly watch and thankfully she behaved herself, no new arrivals today.  Molly looks so uncomfortable, I don't think she'll be long, just waiting for the weather to improve.

After Carol's comment on last night's blog I thought I'd better spend this evening doing some spinning, I've just started doing some grey that Dave has blended.  I love it, I think we will be arguing over this one!  Maybe I should just keep my spinning activities quite then I can knit with it without mum and Carol knowing.

1 comment:

janet said...

I think i should have the grey as i have not had the chance to knit with it yet, so maybe you should not have said anything. The babies are all adorable and can,t wait to see the last two in person.xx