Wednesday 15 June 2011

Push Molly push

What a lovely morning, after the girls had had their breakfast it was back to a little snoozing round my feet as I sat on the bench and had my breakfast.
It was soon obvious that at last Molly was going to have her baby, so a quick text to Carol to let her know so she could come and see if she wasn't busy. 
Shortly after a little pink nose poked out the baby was out and on the ground, a lovely solid white boy who is exceptionally vocal.  He was always active whilst inside Molly and this trend continued, within a couple of minutes he was kushed and soon on to his feet and feeding.

Then he was off running round the field with Molly running after him.

He weighs 9.82kg which again is the biggest cria Molly has ever had, 4kg heavier than her 2009 cria and 2kg heavier than last years.  So far this years average herd birth weight is a kilo more than in 2010.

To celebrate this afternoon Carol and I had a lovely afternoon tea whilst in Alnwick; thank you Carol it was lovely.  Next time it's my treat.


Unknown said...

It'a alright for some getting out for afternoon couple of hours off were spent in M&S foodhall...not such a treat!

Knapper Alpakka said...

What a lovely little thing. Congrats :-)

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Congratulations .....another lovely cria, you are on a roll now ! What a fantastic treat, afternoon tea ! Thats the way to do it !.....enjoy those babies ;0)....Jayne

Anonymous said...

I had a lovely day thanks, Debbie. If we're celebrating every birth with afternoon tea we're going to put a bit of weight on ourselves!!