Saturday 18 June 2011

New arrivals and visitors

Despite the awful weather the alpacas have had two lots of visitors today. 

A lovely family who had ordered some knitwear at a recent National Trust Hall we went to came over to pick it up and see the new babies.  They also wanted to say another hello to their namesake Pearson on his 1st birthday.  It was lovely to see you all again.

Also Sonja, one of Paul's business partners wanted to see everyone - I think it's a good job you didn't have the camera Sonja, you've got an excuse to come back when the suns out now!

This evening on the way to feed everyone we call off to collect some new hens.  We now have 6 new ladies settling into their new home, I'm sure they will enjoy free ranging with with safety of the alpacas to provide round the clock protection.

Whilst we were feeding I was studying all the girls, the jury is still out on the pregnancy status of LMI.  There is no doubt with Chiquita though.......
She isn't due for over a month, I'm already starting to get worried about the size of her.

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Chiquita looks huge ! Im sure non of my girls are that size !!....and due..any time from Monday onwards ......hope she's sooner rather than later....there have been some big babies this year !!.....Jayne