Wednesday 1 June 2011

A poorly little girl

Just a short one tonight as I'm exhausted and it is going to be another very early start in the morning.

I'd booked for the vet to come out today to scan Ursula as I had no idea was going on with her, I'm not sure she knows either!  Anyway as I thought she is not pregnant, so that's not good but at least now we know and can try and focus her mind on getting pregnant!

I also needed all the weanlings chipping,  I really can't do that, the needle is far too big.  Anyone that knows me will know I'm rubbish with needles and pass out every time I am in close proximity to one even if it's not for me so the fact that I can give all the injections is a pretty impressive thing for me, even if I do say so myself.

I had told Sam (our vet) I was going to try whilst he was here to do it but after watching him put the first one in and remembering how big the needle was I bottled it.  Maybe this should be a Paul job?!

Sam was also looking at Lady Godiva who has had a bit of discharge from her right nostril.  He thinks that it has been caused by a hay seed so just carry on with her course of antibiotics and we'll see how she gets on.

I was pretty lucky he was coming today as this morning Neelie started with diarrhea and was rather lethargic so I got him to take a look at her.  As the day went on she deteriorated and by this evening I went to the vets to pick up some electrolyte to see if that helped. 

I'm not sure if it was the Vecoxan, antibiotics or fluids but tonight she seems livelier and happier in herself still very runny mind you.  Fingers crossed we have now turned a corner and she's on the mend, poor little thing can't be ill the other four cria won't allow it!


Rosemary said...

Hope Neelie recovers soon. These cria can be very worrying. Hope you get some sleep.

Unknown said...

Hope Neelie continues to improve Debbie.