Wednesday 3 August 2011

Dismantling fencing in readiness for rebuilding

It has been a real scorcher today, the alpacas have spent much of the day stretched out sunbathing.  A passerby was rather concerned and shouted over to me to make sure all was OK.  It did look like the whole herd had been wiped out!

Geena's cria, who I think I'd better christen quick before Mark has another glass of wine (check out his comment on last nights blog).  We have named him named Brinley, meaning burning wood.  He has been taking his bottles nicely.  He had obviously had plenty off Geena at tea time as he only wanted a little of the goats milk but he had his full quota at bedtime.

There are new neighbours moving in just across the road from the man herd and the girls soon spotted a strange dog.  Chief spot at Barnacre is Oonagh, closely followed by her daughters Freyja (2010 cria) and Kealani (2009 cria).  It is obviously a family trait as her mum Blossom was always chief spot.
My broody hen seems to be loosing interest in her eggs now.  She's been sat on them for over three weeks now so I'm sure these are dud ones.  I must remember to take my torch and see if I can candle them tomorrow.


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Glad the baby has a nice new name....after Mark's choices ! thankfully none of the previous mentioned....!! Its been very hot n humid up the builders get a move on .....or else a nice cosy caravan....springs to mind !....Jayne

Judi said...

Yes, good job you have chosen a name, just read the "interesting" suggestions from last blog...although I do quite like a couple of them!!

Colin said...
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