Tuesday 30 August 2011

Shop updates

Today I've been updating all my stock records and spreadsheets following the weekend of sales, our knitwear range received lots of lovely compliments.  Compliments to the alpacas goes without saying, but its still nice to hear it.

Updating our online shop is always a combined effort, I do the background work and Paul has to do the online bit.  All the sold items have been updated, many of the new items didn't even make it onto the shop!  There are still a number of new items that I now need to take photo's of and get online.

On the animal front Brinley is back to taking his bottle today, he had been a bit of a pest for my mum and only had a little bit of milk.  I weighed him tonight though and he is still gaining weight so that is good.

Piccolina has a sore foot this morning, so I was bathed and sprayed and is already looking better this evening.

I will make sure I take the camera out with me tomorrow to share our new arrivals with you, they are so sweet and adorable.


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Debbie (it is now Wednesday!) x

Rosemary said...

Happy belated birthday, Debbie - sorry we have been a bit computerless so just catching up!