Friday 12 August 2011

Eating dinosaurs

The weather has been slightly better today which was very good as we had a family visiting this afternoon who are exploring alpaca ownership.  I forgot to ask permission to name them so they will remain nameless for the time being!

They have seen us for a few years at the Otterburn Festival and are now thinking about taking the plunge.  Their two young children were very taken by the alpacas and enjoyed taking the young boys for a walk.  They weren't even put off by Ochre trying to eat the orange spikes on their dinosaur coat which he was sure were carrot! 

This evening after feeding we nipped over to Carol and Dave's, their daughter in law Ems had kindly offered to show me how to do a spot of jewellery making.  She had some great things which has got me all inspired, and pointed me in the direction of a good ebay seller for wire and clasps - I've already been bidding Ems, thanks!

Before we went over as the littlies were dry for the first time in days I did a spot of weighing, all were growing nicely.  Brinley who is back to liking his bottle is now 8.85kg, Jam Packed and Piccolina are also gaining well.

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Dry are lucky !...Ive got various....soggy ones up here !!......Jayne