Sunday 7 August 2011

National Trust Seaton Delaval Hall

We were booked in to take the alpacas along to Seaton Delaval Hall today, we went a couple of months ago and went down a storm so they were keen to have us back.

Typically as I was off out for the day Brinley decided he didn't want his bottle this morning, he was too busy feeding from his mum Geena.  She does have milk just not much of it so I knew he'd be ok until I got back.  With everyone else fed and water we loaded up Ochre, Pearson, Minimus and Niveous and off we went.

The boys went down really well despite the wet weather, this time we were right in front of the hall so all the passers by could see us.  This was great although there was very nearly an accident because someone was too busy looking at the alpacas rather than the car in front of them which had stopped to turn right!

It was great to be able to spend the day talking alpaca with lots of interested people.  The boys, particularly Ochre and Pearson love all the attention too. 

Our knitwear went down well, one lady when I offered to nicely gift wrap the Hughie Bobble Hat she has just purchased, said oh no just remove the label please and I'll wear it!

I cam home with an extra leg, not a real one I hasten to add!  One for displaying our knitted socks on.  I already have one and the trust had found one so were glad that I could put it to some use.  Our Barnacre socks go down very well, poor mum gets the job of knitting those - she's very good at it.


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

See what happens when you are good at something !!.poor Mum !! Glad you had a good day, despite the weather.....its torrential up here at the moment.....can you knit brollys !!......just a thought !....might start something there !!......Jayne

Anonymous said...

Hi this is linda and joe just got back from a walk along the coast, are the alpacas in a field with goats and sheep on the cliff at seaton sluice, we were concerned about a goat in the field who has a broken leg by the look of it is it yours or someone elses??????