Sunday 21 August 2011

Metro Centre Gnomes meet the alpacas

Another busy weekend draws to a close and I am determined to get to bed early tonight.

Yesterday we had an early start as we were heading off early as Gabby and Geena had a hot date booked at Fowberry Alpacas.  They'd not held pregnancies from a couple of years ago but we proposned them last year.

Both girls went straight down as soon as they saw the boys so hopefully they will both ovulate and hold a pregnancy, it's a long way there and back and Geena is such a stress head.

Then last night we had a very rare night out, we'd been invited to a friends for dinner.  Very nice it was too, thanks Sonja and Nick, we thoroughly enjoyed the good food and good company.

This morning and an exceptionally early start as I had to load the car with all the knitwear and associated kit as we were off to the Metro Center Marriott Hotel for their first ever farmers market.  Before the gates opened Paul remembered to take a photo of our stall and the animals.

As well as meeting lots of interested people including some of our twitter followers the alpacas met the  Metro Centre Gnomes!!  Niveous couldn't quite work out what on earth they were, but more worrying the other three never even battered an eyelid - our boys are so chilled! 

To be honest I'm not sure who were more excited about meeting the alpacas, the gnomes or the humans.  The boys were so chilled one of the gnomes was feeding Ochre carrot, Niveous will still trying to work out what this strange thing was!


Perry Wheeler said...

Love it! Getting out there and bringing alpacas to people in unusual places is definitely one of the highlights

Shirley said...

Wonder if the pacas really thought that those strange looking people would be better off at gnome?!