Thursday 4 August 2011

More head room required

Today has felt more like autumn than summer, this morning it was really dank and misty, in fact if it wasn't for the dark girls I wouldn't have been able to see any alpacas in the girls big field.  They soon came running when they herd me at the gate though!

Shortly after I'd finished the morning feed routine and started to take down some more of the fencing the rain arrived.
The fencing we put up in the rented paddocks we used screws rather than nails on the cross bars so we could dismantle it.  Unfortunately I seem to be struggling to undo some of them.  Typically I am struggling with one screw on my bars - how annoying!  The young boys were watching with interest trying to work out what is going on.

Hopefully work began on the hill today so soon I will be able to start the fencing at the new farm.  I need the house and farm yard to be pegged out so I can start fencing from there.

I nipped over to Hexham today to pick up some feed and troughs, they cost me a small fortune, £160 for 3 of them,   I like the black rubber ones as they are easier to move and keep clean but I certainly didn't like the price.  Now that many of the cria are eating heard feed we were running short on trough space.

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Rosemary said...

It sounds like very exciting times on the hill. We will be driving up north on Saturday and will be studying every hill in the hopes of spotting something!!