Tuesday 9 August 2011

A picture paints a thousand words

After the excitement of seeing things finally happening on the hill I have been trying to make some progress with 'things' that need to be done up there in readiness for our arrival.  I say our arrival but it's more the animals, we'll make do.  Well I will I'm not sure Paul's quite so keen to rough it for a while!

Keep tuned for further updates, when I work them out myself I will let you know.

The fence and shelter is down in the rented land, there is just the gate and gate posts to go now.  The remaining rented land is still being used for the time being.

Whilst I was hard at work the cria were enjoying an afternoon nap.  Here are 11 of the 14.
Piccolina and Nadia (sandwiching Jam Packed) are on chicken watch.

The only cria missing from these photos is Brinley.  He is being a pest at the moment and not taking his bottle at all well.  He lost a little weight yesterday but has put it back on today but that is probably down to me having to almost force feed him.

Whilst I was out with the camera I caught to adolescent boys having a run about.  As you can see Ochre (the brown one at the back) was getting rather excited.

 Despite Minimus being much smaller than his mates he still managed to be second to reach me!
Some of these boys will be off to a new home soon so I am making sure they get lots of love an attention before I have to part with them; I'm still not very good at that bit of breeding alpacas, but as Barbara said the other night it is great to see the pleasure they bring to their new owners.

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

The alpacas and the boys are looking great, nice to see them having a run around...good luck with the re-location, location, location.......Jayne