Sunday 14 August 2011

Pedicure girls?

Despite what Paul might tweet it is he who doesn't like getting up in the morning and today was no exception!
After some gentle persuasion he was up and we headed off to the fields to commence the rather long job list.  First thing on it was toe nails.  The girls nails seemed to have had a growth spurt all of a sudden!

We worked our way through pretty quickly to start with but we seemed to get a batch of stroppy pregnant girls one after the other in the middle.  Oonagh was particularly grumpy about being restrained which is very much unlike her, next was Little Miss Irraquoy, well what can I say....

She was not at all happy, she is rather spitty when she is pregnant and there seems to be no doubt that she is pregnant this year, you only have to mention her name and she threatens.  To cut a long story short she got Paul good and proper, he was not amused.  Next up was Kate one of our greys, shown here with her daughter Midnight Star (the darker of the two). 
Kate is very predictable, you get hold of her, she moans, you do what is need, she moans, you let go and she turns and spits as she leaves; today was no different!  Thankfully none of Kate's cria have inherited her attitude.

With the girls pedicures complete we moved on to operation field clearance.  We moved out of tow of the rented fields a little while ago but we still had some of the fencing and shelter that had been dismantled to move.  It is all done now, next job rebuilding it on the hill :-)

Brinley has been a bit hit and miss on the bottle today, as you can see from the photo if you look closely one feed was a little messy.
In between this and cooking Paul a Sunday roast I've managed to make some felted balls (whilst in the bath) do a few rows of knitting (whilst talking to mum on the phone) and change the sheets on the bed. Which I now need to go and test; good night!


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Hope those sheets are right...sounds like you deserve a good rest after all that 'to do list'.....nighty night...enjoy your sleep !........Jayne

Karen Oglesby - Meon Valley Alpacas said...

Well done on all that ... your dark grey girl looks so much like one of ours girls Cotton Cake .. we must compare pics some time.