Sunday 24 June 2012

Alpaca release

Another busy weekend draws to an end. Yesterday we had lots of helping hands so fencing was in full swing despite the occasional downpours, whilst Paul, Ross and Dave were fencing my mum was knocking in staples and Gill and I were poo picking.

Young Taylor had quad driving lessons and a post knocking job at one stage so despite being 5 years old he was a great help.  He even left me his Milky Bar moose dessert!!  Aren't I lucky.

Today we, well I say we, more the alpacas, have had lots of visitors.  This morning a lovely couple who had already reserved two of this years cria came to visit the first of their babies.  I forgot to ask permission to name them so I'd better not reveal their identity just yet.

Then this afternoon the alpacas had another visitor, again I forgot to ask permission, so they will have to remain anonymous, came with a view to reserving another of the cria. 

I know that both sets of visitors will love the alpacas just the way we do which is essential for each and every alpaca we release. 

Talking of releasing alpacas, after a lot of discussions and debates we have decided that the time is right for us to release our first home bred female.  It has taken quite some time for me to build up to this so it is a major event here!

Lady Godiva is now on Alpaca Seller, she is from our award winning brown sire Golden Guinea and has been mated to our Fawn Champion stud Barnacre Sandstorm which should produce a stunning cria for her new owner. 

Everyone who has met Godiva loves her, she is another of our exceptionally friendly and easy to handle females with a great fleece to boot.


oak haven alpacas said...

I will be so curious to hear you leasing goes for you! It is an option I have considered but never actually taken the step. Always something new and fun with alpacas :)


Patou Alpacas said...

Lady Godiva looks lovely, good luck with her sale, brown does seem to be the colour at the moment.