Thursday 28 June 2012

Storm clouds

Firstly in reply to Judi's comment on last nights blog, unfortunately Paul didn't manage to drag himself out of bed first.  He's not a morning sort of person so to be honest it's probably best I get up and do the early morning check.

He has just gone to shut tweet and tweet and the ducklings in though so I don't have to go out - thank you dear!

Thankfully I decided to get on with the poo picking early this morning before the storms arrived, because when it arrived it was terrible. 

I can't ever remember thunder and lightening like it.  I don't like thunder and lightening at the best of times (I blame me mum!).  The rain was absolutely lashing down and pouring down the hill where the grass seed has yet to take hold. 

At least I wasn't on the Tyne Bridge!

I was worried about the alpacas in the storm so I went out and braved the weather to try and get the girls into the shed as they were all huddled in the field.  There were obviously quite happy with their location as the only one who would get up was Liberty, and that's because she can't bear not to say hello.  It was so muggy there was certainly no chance of anyone being cold.

Lets hope that's the end of the rain and summer can now arrive......


Rosemary said...

Windy here but no thunder - looks like it was pretty dramatic up there! said...

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