Friday 22 June 2012

Mine’s 38.4 metres long (Paul)

Well, not to be outdone by my shopping, Debbie and her mum have gone out for the day - I'm sure she will tell you all about that tomorrow.  That meant (of course you will already know if you follow us on Twitter @BarnacreAlpacas) that Ken (father-in-law) and I were left 'home alone'.

First up of course was the morning feeding run, although on my way up the hill I noticed some 'pirates' can you spot them?

You can't see them?  Maybe a bit more zoom on the camera will help?!
Pirate pet lambs!
It was humid on the hill this morning and the rain was on and off.  I do like our hill and to say we both are from the middle of town with no farming background we sure have come a long way.  Of course a hill isn't essential for new alpaca owers and our first 3 pregnant girls lived very happily in less than an acre of paddock at the back of our house, and what a pleasure they were too! As ever, if anyone is chewing (or being chewed) about the idea of keeping alpacas, if a couple of desk jockeys who were responsible for a cat from the RSPCA can do it, so can you!  Call or email us if you want to chat? Visitors are always welcome (by appointment please!).
I'm afraid I'm no David Bailey although I took a photo from the girls field this morning.  As you can see they were all going about their alpaca business.  Do you like thier view?!

After Debbie complained about my shopping again a couple of days ago, I was pleased to see great guesses from Barbara and Dave (see comments 2 days ago) that my new 38.4 metre purchase is either a boat or a replica of the Angel of the North, not right though!
It will be 2 or 3 weeks before my ‘thing’ turns up and you get the photos so in the meantime I thought it only fair to offer a few clues:
  1. You could take it to sea (Barbara!)
  2. Although there are no oars or motors with it
  3. My bit will be the top half and Debbie’s the bottom half!
  4. A wifeless rough hen
  5. It’s still 38.4 metres long
  6. And 2.5 metres high – oh yes this is big!
  7. Are there any wheels? No!
  8. I might be storing eggs and fleece in it
  9. The YHA might be interested in it?!
Easy peasy - any more guesses please??!!


Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Well Paul, I had thought, a glider, then a wind turbine, but maybe you're going to build a dam - or is it just a feed trough? Very exciting, unless it's just a piece of rope.

Rosemary said...

It's a fishing lodge with bunk beds in it!

Miriam Cawthorn said...

Des res storage container?!

Bev said...

Grrr, been trying to solve the anangram? "a wifeless rough hen" - all I can get is "shearing house flew"... Can't wait another 3 days to be put out of misery!

Bev said...

3 days! I meant 3 weeks!!

Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

Ha ha ha - who says it's an anagram Bev, it might be a cryptic clue?! Well done on the shearing house flew though.

Well done everyone else with your fantastic guesses although you are all....wrong...but occasionally close!!!


Judi said...

Is Paul getting a large shed and letting you have a work room upstairs whilst his workshop is below? By workshop, I mean a space for boys toys!

Shirley said...

Portacabins in a row, or stacked - so that when you divert the London-Inverness rail line to come past your farm there will be plenty of accommodation, cafe, disco and alpaca shop for tourists to Shirley & Robbie

Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

Shirley, your ideas are bigger thank mine! Interesting suggestions though!!!


Andrew said...

Is it Dallas city hall ?
It's the right size apparently.