Tuesday 19 June 2012

Growing up

It has been a pretty routine day today following yesterday's excitement of Kate's birth.

I thought I would share a couple of yearling photo's with you today.  Piccolina is the smallest of the group and always seems to find a dip to lay in to make her look even smaller; and to emphasise her size more she's sat next to Emery the biggest of the youngsters.
 Piccolina has a fabulous fleece, she was the finest of the 20 we had tested at the weekend at 16 microns, her SD was also a very impressive 3.8 and 100% comfort factor.  Piccolina is from Chiquita and Golden Guinea, and had a very impressive fleece from the minute she dried out at birth so we repeated the mating! 

Emery (full sister to yesterdays new arrival) is another of the young girls who we are very pleased with.  She is a very eye catching girl and an impressive consistent grey.  For a grey her fine fleece stats were pleasing too 21 microns, SD 4.2 and comfort factor of 96.3%.
Her sire, Loki is holding his stats well for a black, his four fleece was 25.8 microns.  With grey in his pedigree Loki seems to work very well over grey so he is soon to have a union with a very fine girl Cassiopeia of Bozedown.

Finally our ducklings are now enjoying a bit of a paddle and swim so I hopefully they will soon have their own pond to swim in.

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Just loving the photos ....great paddling pool for the ducklings ...and great fleece results, its lovely to see them being confirmed ! .....Jayne