Thursday 7 June 2012

Inspection time.

Today we have been visited by a very nice chap from Her Majesty's inspectorate, we had been randomly chosen to have a cross compliance review.  It has to be said I was really worried when I got the phone call saying they were coming!

When the guy came this morning he was really nice and friendly.  We walked the land, then there was lots of paperwork to go through and I had to show him all our movement records, soil protection review, medicine records, feed etc.  He left a very happy man so I was happy, it's nice to receive praise over the things you do and the way you document it all.  He was very impressed with all our alpaca movement records and herd details particularly as there is no legal requirement for us to do such things.

We were very lucky because it stayed dry until not long after he left, so it was cria coats back on and inside jobs for the later part of the afternoon.  The rain has in fact got worse and it is now absolutely chucking it down!

We have some very friendly cria already this year, Liberty is so friendly it's mad, it's hard to get a full photo of her as she is always so close.

Ursula's baby is a really friendly little cutie too, here he is licking the rain off his nose before he came to give me a kiss!  The poor chap still needs a name, we are struggling to agree on a suitable name for him, so any suggestions gratefully received.

We I'd best go and shut the hens in as the rain clearly isn't going to slow down any.

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Rosemary said...

I am, like someone else I know, getting serious cria envy!