Saturday 9 June 2012

It's rude to stare when I've got no clothes on (Paul)

Evening all,

Debbie is 'busy' getting ready for a big day tomorrow (which reminds me I must set her alarm for 4 - mine goes off 2 hours later of course) and so I thought I'd do a blog for a change as I have been snapping today and I know everyone likes to see some photos!

Here's today's story:

Trevor and Tanja (from Australia) were coming over this afternoon to shear 3 alpacas so this morning we took some soiled hay and straw down to the muck heap and due to the intermitent rain, caught up on some paperwork - not very exciting but has to be done!

The 2 show girls from last week were getting nervous, just like when you go to the barber and wonder if you should have a number 1 or a number 1.1 - decisions decisions!

While we waited for Trevor and Tanja to arrive, we decided it would be a good idea to get a couple of final full fleece shots because they look so different after shearing.  So first up is everyone's favourite, Meketaten.  3 times Brown Champion, an overall reserve champion (brilliant for a brown) and 2nd best junior brown fleece in the world!
Next is Casiphia, Supreme Champion from the 2011 Kelso Show with a beautiful big fleece from one of our elite girls and our Supreme Champion stud, Legend of Spartacus:
Whilst all this photography was going on, I had one of those feelings that I was not alone.  In fact I was sure that someone was looking over my shoulder?  Perhaps it was my imagination?
Tweet and Tweet, our 2 new Maran chicks are very friendly and I was thinking to myself I hadn't seem them for a while.  Never mind, I thought, they will turn up sooner or later.
Anyway, before long Richard, Jessica, Briana and Ashling arrived to watch the shearing and soon after Trevor and Tanja arrived and after a quick bit of emergency wiring (sorry for the phone call Dave!) we were up and running!  First up was Casiphia, Trevor enjoyed that fleece!
Second in the barber's chair was Meketaten.  "Did you say Meketaten?" (I think I heard Trevor say) "please can I have my photo taken with her?" Go on then Trevor, seeing as it's you...big smile for the world please...
Third to go was Cassiopeia, one of our livery girls...for a venerable lady she has a beautifully soft fleece...
With only 3 shearings to do, and with Tanja doing a super fleece grading job, the event was over in a flash.  How amazingly small and clean do beautiful alpacas look after a good shearing?  Here's Casiphia:
And finally, here are Casiphia and Meketaten.  Don't forget, it's rude to stare when I've got no clothes on!
Busy day tomorrow - keep an eye on the Tweets @BarnacreAlpacas!/BarnacreAlpacas or come and see us at the Morpeth Fair, Sunday 10-5 at Oldgate.  We will have 2 alpacas and the knitwear with us.  Night all!


Apple Vale Alpacas said...

"It's behind you!" - "no, it's ON you!"...but, what's that running down your neck?

Shirley said...

It's that old saying Paul, "A bird on the head is worth two on your shoulder!" Shirley & Robbie

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Excellent photos ! Looks like Paul has a way with the birds !! Lovely shearing job the girls look exra sleek with their new look ....hope you have a good day at the Show .....Jayne

Judi B said...

Well Paul, if you set the alarm for 3 am then Debbie can get the breakfast table laid and everything ready for when you get up!

The alpacas look even lovlier after their haircuts!

Bev said...

Brilliant photos, and great gurning Paul. Made me laugh out loud..

Rosemary said...

Lovely photos, Paul!