Tuesday 12 June 2012

A play mate for Lily

Firstly I must apologise to Rosemary and anyone else out there with cria envy, we've had another arrival today.

I'd said to Paul yesterday that one of the maiden females we have on livery was looking like she wasn't going to be long before she gave birth, and sure enough this morning she was looking mighty uncomfortable and didn't know what to do with herself.

Not long afterwards a nose appeared, then a head, eventually one foot and with a little help a second foot, by this time poor Isadora has no idea what was going on and despite keep asking her friends no one, other than Lily (Grey cria) were interested.

Soon we had a lovely little white boy on the ground and kushed within minuted.  He is only small (334 days gestation) and has an inside out ear, which has now been taped and should be fine.
This boy has some great genetics so it will be interesting to see how he develops.

Despite him being kushed in minutes it took him quite some time to feed, despite me showing him where the udder was and mum being very patient initially we weren't getting far.  By the time he almost found the milk bar mum had got bored and wouldn't stand still!  He got there in the end and once he latched on mum stood like a statue.

Lily is really pleased to have a playmate, she has been driving her mum mad the last few days jumping on her and wanting to play.   They have already been having a bit of a chase.
Our other new additions to the farm, Jamima and Beatrix are settling in well, two Aylesbury ducklings.  I've always wanted ducks and these are the start - I have a few eggs in the incubator so hopefully they will have some friends next month.


oak haven alpacas said...

I think I have duck envy :) so cute!!

The cria is cute too, of course.


Hilary Cross said...

thankyou, and double thankyou. Am glad she is being a good mum.will be in touch tomorrow

janet said...

What a cutie he is, and its really nice that Lily has a playmate.The ducklings are so cute too. Looking forward to seeing them and the new cria. xx

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Congratulations for the lovely new baby...he looks lovely. Hope the new ducklings are settling in well...what ever next !...Jayne

Shirley said...

Luv the lug!

Rosemary said...

That looks like a lovely fleece!
Still got cria envy (but in a nice way!)

Unknown said...

Now you have started duck envy for those who haven't got cria envy!!

Judi B said...

I, like Rosemary, have cria envy...watching and waiting but I have to keep reminding myself what they say about a "watched kettle!" It's still lovely to enjoy photos of other folks crias!!