Tuesday 26 June 2012

Sandstorm missed out today..

The morning started off with some matings, three to be precise.  Unfortunately for Sandstorm it wasn't his turn today and he wasn't happy, as you can see by the look on his face!  With his fabulous genetics, fleece stats and show success he does have plenty of lady appoints this year though.

Oonagh had sat the other day when we'd been doing a mating so she obviously hadn't taken, which to be honest we were quite pleased with as we'd decided that we were so impressed with how Leonidas her Legend cria is developing we wanted to repeat the mating!

So we had Legend and Oonagh, Loki and Mary and Layla with Golden Guinea, all orgling away trying to be the loudest and last the longest.  Loki and Guinea couldn't be more different when it comes to mating, Guinea knows 6 minutes is enough whilst Loki would go for an hour if you'd let him!

Once one stopped they all stopped so there was no embarrassment and hopefully all three girls have taken.  We will see what spit offs bring next week.

Loki & Guinea clearly thought that after their loving they needed some of that  special 'greener grass' the other side of the fence!
 And especially for his new mummy and daddy, here's the gorgeous Declan......


Unknown said...

Six minutes that's the way to do it, none of this hanging around for 45 mins like his old Dad!

Explorer seems to have decided that 12 minutes is good enough for him...he is then looking for the next one!

A Country Chicken said...

Hi, had to laugh at Loki and Guinea going for the 'greener pastures'. Declan is just gorgeous. Congratulations on your beautiful animals :)