Sunday 10 June 2012

Morpeth Fair

It was an early start again this morning, just after 4am and I was up and getting the car loaded for the Morpeth Fair before feeding and checking all the animals and giving those that needed it, fresh water.

For once I didn't have to get on to Paul to get up, he was an hour behind me, but anyone who knows what Paul is like in a morning will know that this is good!

We had planned to take Minimus and Loki out, however Loki thought the pen meant that he was allowed to mate Minimus which as you can imagine wasn't very pleasant for poor Minimus and would have been slightly embarrassing all day having to explain the strange noise and why Loki needed a piggie back!  Change of plan and Niveous came out to play instead.

Niveous isn't one of our regular media stars, however he was very well behaved and was happy to let people stroke him as long as it wasn't his head.

We have had a great day out educating the general public, offering advice and selling our fabulous knitwear.  Paul managed to take this photo of us setting up before the fair actually opened.  We were so busy all day there was no chance of taking any photo's once the public started to arrive.

We have also had a couple more additions to the farm, more on those tomorrow....

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Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Of course you need more additions at the farm, with so little going on at Barnacre! ;-)