Thursday 12 July 2012

And then there were two

Today has been a day of two's, two sets of visitors and two hatched ducklings!!

This morning we had visitors, well I say we, more the alpacas as usual.  Our visitors were greeted by the sound of multiple matings.  Legend, Loki and Gianmarco all got to see ladies this morning.  Successful spit offs were also carried out for Layla and Sienna.  Kate and Nefertiti de-selected themselves so hopefully being well experienced girls that will mean they ovulated and are pregnant.

They left with a bag of knitwear and one little girl who had been stoking alpacas, ducklings, cats and chickens.  Not bad when you're only two!

This afternoon we had a very exciting meeting in Morpeth, more on that in a week or so...

Then this evening we had a visit from Gavin and Suzie, old neighbours from Angerton.  They are a lovely couple who are missing the alpacas (and hopefully us) and called in to say hello.  It was lovely to see you both thank you, and thanks for the shortbread!

And finally a duckling update, we now have two!  Yoko, the aylesbury duckling (yellow one) who hatched yesterday now has a friend, Roadie.

They are next to me in the brooder eating and drinking constantly so I expect they won't stay tiny for long.

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