Tuesday 31 July 2012

Black to black produces what?!

It was pretty clear this morning that Geena had decided that would be the day that she produced her baby.  Geena kept coming to us at feed time as if to say don't miss it, I'm going to unpack today!

It took her a while to find a suitable place away from Freyja, her unrelated and unwanted bodyguard.
Once she'd found a good spot the pushing began and out poke a little nose.

Then came the head; hang on what colour is that?! Geena was mated to a black (outside mating).

Keep pushing Geena.


Well there is no mistaking this boy is fawn, not quite what we were hoping for but he's health which is main thing. 
Here's the wee chap all dry and just as vocal as his mum.

We bought Geena 5 years ago now and so far have only had boys from her and not a single black one.  I really thought this year we would get a black girl from her. 


Rob @ Wellground said...

Dear little Geena, I last saw her as a cria when she left here for pastures new with her mother Charlotte in 2002. Geena was conceived here at Wellground in 2001, when we used for the first time a new stud called Tabasco. He was a mid fawn, with fawn and light brown parentage. It transpired that he had very strong colour gene. Although Geena was born solid black, it seems Tabasco's colour genetics come to the fore in her offspring. Hope you get a another black cria from her one day soon.


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

I can't stand all this colour planning !! Just goes to show ....you never know, what you might get even after careful selective colour selection !! Those genes win every time !! I've probably got one more baby ...I'm hoping its a grey girl ! Obviously now its a white boy ...having said that !! We will find out in August ! .....I can't wait .....Jayne

Unknown said...

Well at least it keeps us excited...we have both had a week of colour surprises...I guess there really is no point in too much planning!!

He looks lovely and healthy, Congratulations Geena!

oak haven alpacas said...

Crazy genetics!! I've learned that black to black should produce black but sometimes genetics get crazy and dilute the color down. A geneticists we've talked to call these "stealth black", while they don't look black genetically they are. So that cria should breed like black even though he's fawn.