Monday 16 July 2012

Mine’s 38.4 metres long and now here! (Paul)

Evening all!

First up tonight are the two pirate pet lambs who seem to have decided they do not live with wild Scottish Black faced sheep and are up to more tricks again!...
No, I haven’t put them in the stocks (yet), they are using the gate as a neck scratcher – pirates!
Some of you remember my little teaser blog on Friday 22 June when the clever folk of Blog land (thanks Dave, Rosemary, Miriam, Bev, Judi and Andrew) made their guesses against my clues:
  • You could take it to sea (Barbara!)
  • Although there are no oars or motors with it
  • My bit will be the top half and Debbie’s the bottom half!
  • A wifeless rough hen
  • It’s still 38.4 metres long
  • And 2.5 metres high – oh yes this is big!
  • Are there any wheels? No!
  • I might be storing eggs and fleece in it
  • The YHA might be interested in it?!
Well, it arrived today (as Twitter followers know – thanks for the mention John @Baddogz4) and as I know you are all as excited as me about the arrival, I want you all to be the first to see it!
What do you mean you want to see what's under the blue tarpaulin (and yes that is Debbie trying to ignore me in the background)??!! OK seeing as I’m among friends here’s a little sneaky peak just for you…

Night all! Paul
Oops - I can sense levels of frustration, intrigue and possibly now anger growing!


Unknown said...


It better be worth it now!

Rosemary said...

Sounds like you have a very impressive one there, Paul (whatever it is)!