Thursday 19 July 2012

The tally to date

We have had helping hands on the farm today, Colin and Louise came up for a hard days graft in return for home made pizza; sounds like a great exchange to me!

I can't say what the boys were up to as no doubt Paul will want to tell you all about that another night, but us girls were talking crafts whilst clearing up hay spilt and thrown out of the hay hecks.

I also I had special order of Barnacre Knitwear to deliver for one very luck lady who had order a scarf and flip top mittens in Loki's super black yarn.

Despite looking rather uncomfortable Chiquita hasn't given birth today, she doesn't look like she'll be long and she is now overdue.  Hopefully Gill will get to see one of them (Geena & Gabby are also in the birthing window) birth at the weekend.

Whilst on the subject of births, Dave and Apple Vale was asking how we were split this year on sexes.  Well we are pretty level, overall on farm we have had 17 births so far, with 10 boys and 7 girls.  They aren't all ours some are livery girls so the Barnacre tally is 7 5 to the boys.

There also seems to be some odd things going on with the matings.  We have had a few of the girls mating then spitting off for two or three weeks then sitting again.  I've spoken to a couple of other people who are experiencing the same thing so I'm beginning to wonder it its something to do with this delightful weather we're having?

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Shirley said...

Wow, thats increased the herd size a little! Get more hay in! Shirley & Robbie