Monday 9 July 2012

Milk theives

I'm beginning to think there might be something in the air at the minute.  We seem to have a number of milk thieves here at Barnacre at the minute.

From a very early age, Luca, son of Isadora (one of our livery girls) has tried to steal milk, it's not because mum doesn't have much it's more the fact that he goes to the nearest udder!

Well late last night when the girls were tucked up in the shed Luca went to Snow his gran for milk and she let him feed. The photo quality isn't great as Paul snapped it quickly on his mobile.
I'm not sure she actually noticed to start with as her own baby, Little Lady was patiently waiting to get her supper.  When Snow did notice it wasn't her baby feeding she did walk off, however shortly after this was the scene.....
It would appear that Luca isn't the only milk nicker, tonight I saw Willow's baby Palace having a sneaky drink from Mary.  Now there is no way Mary would allow such a thing so she was obviously far to engrossed in eating her own tea to notice rather than her black daughter Liberty a cheeky white one was having a drink. 

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Cheeky ... little milk thieves ! ...Jayne