Sunday 15 July 2012

Fund raising fun

I wasn't going to blog tonight as I really want an early night, but I know there are lots of people who we've been talking to at the Otterburn Village Festival this weekend that are new to the blog so I didn't want to disappoint!

The sun was shining brightly first thing so after the early morning feed round we headed off up the road with Minimus and Niveous in the trailer to set up for day two of the show. 

Unfortunately due to the amount of rain yesterday afternoon and the cars going in and out we got stuck on the way into the field.  So after being towed onto the field we were soon set up and talking alpacas.  We had a lovely day, our alpacas always prove popular and it's great to help raise money for the air ambulance and help for hero's.  All this before we were towed off the field tonight!!

Mum and dad have been on alpaca watch and duckling duties whilst we were out, luckily everyone behaved.  I even had a visit from the ironing fairy, thank you mum.

Today is Wynfor and Jam-Packed's birthday, they are both sons of Imala.  Despite having sold both boys, we keep in touch with them and I don't forget their birthdays!

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