Friday 27 July 2012

Where do you start...

I have so much to tell you, I'm no sure where to start!  The lack of blog last night was due to a very late return home, but what we were up to and where we were will have to wait until tomorrow as today we had two new babies!

Babies are always so popular I thought you would like to see those first. 

Mum and dad were up for farm sitting duties yesterday as we were out and still had births due.  Gabby was the most likely candidate, despite not being as far on as Chiquita.  Well Gabby held on, until this morning that was.  Unfortunately for us Gabby was happily sat with everyone when I did my first early morning check, but then decided to birth whilst we were having our breakfast.

As we approached with the girls with their breakfast I spotted a head wobbling next to Gabby's leg!  She had popped out a cute fawn son, not long before.  He was soon to his feet and hunting the milk bar, it took a while but he found it in the end.

Then just before lunch Chiquita sneaked out a lovely bright brown boy, as is always the case with Chiquita this little boy is tiny but a stunner.
Just like in previous years despite their petite size this little boy was up on his feet and running round interacting with all the other cria.  Here he is with Dec to give you an idea of his size!


Miriam said...

Puerulus - what a cute little boy and so tiny! Congratulations on your two new additions.

Unknown said... very cute!

Shirley said...

Beautiful cria photos.