Friday 20 July 2012

Photo Friday

As is always the case during birthing season I am up at first light to check on everyone.  I know all the books say that alpacas birth during the day and usually the morning but it's not always the case and we have had two born during the night!

This morning there was a lovely mist in the valley so I nipped back in to get my camera.  There is something mesmerising about the mist in the valley.

All was well with the girls, Chiquita (343 days) has gone back to sleeping with her mum Willow and her two sisters Layla and Palace, a sure sign she is getting closer to birthing.  Willow and her daughters (she's had 5 on the trot) are very close.

The others still to birth are Geena (336), Gabby (336), Princess Mallika (323) , Palm-Olive (307) and Kealani (307).

The ducklings are growing nicely, they are so messy but super cute.  This is the four still under the heat lamp, two runners Orville and Ju, Yoko the Aylsebury and a cross breed sat in the water pot who still needs a name.
This is the older batch, the two big aylesbury's are Jamima and Beatrix (although I'm thinking Bea at the back may be a drake), then four runners who I've not named yet.

Our other young shed resident are baby swallows, they have just started flying so hopefully once they've fledged we'll be able to shut the shed door again! 


Apple Vale Alpacas said...

That mist in the valley was special because you saw it, because you bothered to get out of bed, and no-one else did. Enjoy.

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

The morning mists are special ...the ducklings and swallows are lovely....typical of them to nest on the door runner, Ive gor some on a door runner and ...wait for it...a nest in the pig ark roof...which is only about 3ft off the ground. Im just hoping the cats don;t find it !!!! ....Jayne