Sunday 22 July 2012

Seymours first day out

Today we have been out with the alpacas and knitwear to the Glendale Festival at Wooler, and thankfully the weather gods were much kinder to us this weekend.

It was Seymour's first outing, I like to try and pick a short slightly quieter even for the first time out just in case the boys don't like it.  I only take boys that I think we enjoy it but you never quite know until you get them out there how they will react to all those people, strange noises, dogs and being poked and stroked all day.

Thankfully for us, and Seymour he really enjoyed his day out and the people of Wooler enjoyed meeting him.  Just like his dad Loki Seymour is very distinctive, black a vocal chappy so he's been melting lots of hearts today.  Unfortunately I forgot to take any pictures!

When we got home the girls greeted us as the gate; not their gate, the gate to our farmyard!  Umm someone obviously hadn't shut the gate properly this morning and they'd been out exploring.  Thankfully the only had 25 acres to explore so we didn't have to round them up off the whole 220 acres of the hill!

I was glad to see the the rest of the world, like me, found Paul's shelving as boring as a boring thing.. he's been driving me mad about this shelving.  I have a something much more exciting coming so keep your eyes peeled.

Talking of my husband, he's been in bed for at least half an hour, can you believe it.  He's in bed first up last and says he's exhausted.  I wouldn't mind but each time my eye started to close on the way back tonight he kept making me jump - nasty man.

I will leave you tonight with a photo I look yesterday of Indigo learning the mating game with Ursula whilst some of the other cria watch. 

I thought the new owners of Dec and Indigo would like to see what their boys are getting up to!!


Rosemary said...

Who is the little light brown cria - second from the right?

Shelving is bad enough but wait till he starts on haymaking equipment - that can really get them going!!

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Whats going on with these little boys...this year...looks like there must be something in the air ..they are all at it !!....Jayne

Unknown said...

Indigo looks lovely, if a little mischevious!