Wednesday 1 August 2012

Olympic high jump or steeple chase?

Despite being many miles away from the Olympic stadium Barnacre Indigo (big grey cria!) has decided that he should be including in the GB athletic team.  He thinks he stands a good chance of bringing home a medal in the high jump or steeple chase.

Why, I hear you ask.  Well whist we were filling up the girls hay heck he somehow managed to jump or climb into it!!

Once inside he soon tucked into the nice fresh hay before anyone else to try it.   
Being the live wire that he is he decided the best way down was to jump over the lid - not your best move Indigo as he didn't quite clear the height.

In the big boy field today Sandstorm was in trouble.  He has a lovely light fawn fleece which he obviously thought needed darkening up a bit, maybe because his darker stud friend Golden Guinea had a visit from an outside lady today!

He only managed to wipe creosote all over his neck off the telegraph pole in his field.  Can you believe it, we only had confirmation from National Power Grid that they would come and put something round it to protect our fleeces last week.

Luckily we already had some photos taken for his stud page which has gone live today.


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Thank goodness for the early stud might think you have a nice 'fancy' there !! Indigo has the right idea, eating on top of the haymanger .....Jayne

Unknown said...

I think Indigo is my favourite...such a little star!

Rosemary said...

Rather a lovely colour I think! I do like Sandstorm's head - very nice!