Thursday 16 August 2012

Runners through the farm yard

It has been another couple of hectic days, although we did manage to fit in a meal with friends last night hence the lack of blog.  It was a mad rush as we'd been over to Townend Alpacas for a mating, Emery our lovely grey girl from Loki and Kate needed a boyfriend.

As I was so tired after the 5am check on Kealani this morning I went back to bed for a bit, which took Paul by surprise.  I never wake him when I get up but I made him jump getting back in bed!!

Now that the bales of hay have had time to stand we have stacked them in the shed, as is usually the case when directions are required it resulted in raised voices on both sides but the hay is now in and stacked nicely.
I've managed to get Wesley our Blackfaced tup sheared, thankfully he's a nice boy so those big horns didn't cause me any damage and he is now enjoying some fresh grass in part of the channel.  As you can see the yearlings are more interested in him than he is in them.  Typical boy all he's interested in is filling his belly.

Today is Freyja's 2nd birthday, sister to Kealani, she is from Oonagh our first home bred girl and Gianmarco's Masterpiece.  We have mated her Legend, however spit offs are proving difficult as Freyja hasn't a clue what she is supposed to be doing so I think we will have to scan her to find out what's going on.  She will be the first Marky daughter to be covered by Legend so we are very keen to see what she can produce next year.

We have had runners through the yard today, no not human ones, runner ducks!!

These are some of the ducks I hatched that are getting ready to join Jemima and Beatrix on the pond.  They have a little trug in their pen but they are getting big enough to venture out and keep wandering so I think at the weekend I will put them out.

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