Sunday 12 August 2012

Flying out the field

It's been another manic day today, starting off with spit offs and matings, well a mating.  Sandstorm was the man of the moment, in fact he had a queue forming outside the mating pen.  Princess Mallika and Geena fancied a bit of Sandstorm, not today ladies!

Then we had some toe nails to trim and a batch of routine vaccinations to do which all went according to plan. 

We also took some photo's of Seymour for his sales page, we have decided to sell this potential stud, he is a very nice boy who has great genetics and exciting potential.  You can read all about him on our sales page

There isn't actually much left on our sales page as we have just sold four girls who are off to form tart a new herd in a few weeks time.

Jan & Phil, new owners of Molly and her cria (called Dillon), Palm-Olive (from Accoyo Remarque), Lady Godiva and Celestial (half sister to Seymour, same sire, Loki) called in yesterday to say another hello to their girls and take some photo's.

Here's Jan having a close and personal moment with Celestial.

 Molly was too busy keeping an eye on her son to take much notice of her new mum whilst Mary was casting an approving eye over her daughters' (Celestial) new mum.

And what's this?  It seems Molly has the eye for Phil!

This evening we have been trying to get the blackie sheep in as they are being sheared tomorrow.  Things didn't quite go according to plan so we now have some in and some out.

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