Monday 13 August 2012

How deep...........

Today has been a back breaker, after yesterday's shearing of the sheep lets just say the shed wasn't pleasant so I have been shovelling and scrubbing all day!  It's a good job we're not on a water meter, as the water has been flowing all day, we supply ourselves from one of our springs.

As anyone with animals will appreciate there are lots of not so nice jobs that need doing as well as the nice ones.  I'm used to being dirty so s**t shovelling is fine by me, a necessary activity to ensure that everything is clean.  Conveniently Paul had a meeting in Leeds to go to day so no shovelling for him! 

The chicks are continuing to hatch, as I type we are up to 14, I don't think the final 3 will actually hatch but I'll give them a couple more days yet.  Aren't they just adorable.
On the hay front we only got 15 round bales Jayne but they are huge.  Someone different cut it this year and the bales are massive, I've not actually measured them but I would guess they will be getting on for 6 foot.

I am so tired I'm struggling to keep my eyes open so it will have to stop here or I'll be typing mumbo jumbo.

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Wow! Sounds like you'll be needing a BIG hayring !! then for those extra huge bales !....the chicks look lovely...and how come Paul managed to be unavailable for the s**t shovelling !! ..a meeting...a likely story !......Jayne