Thursday 2 August 2012

1001 green bottles sitting on the wall

We have had a lovely day today, after the morning feed rounds and another breeder coming to fetch some Camelibra from us we headed off to a meeting - very exciting it all is too!

Then we went over to see Gill, Ross and Taylor and had a walk along the cliff top and had an ice cream at enjoyed the view of St. Mary's lighthouse.  Fish and chips for tea were great followed by Gills home made cheesecake - how lucky are we.

We called in at the tip on the way over as the 1001 (well maybe not that many but the boot was full of them!) plastic bottles we'd been using to collect water from friends and family are now redundant as we have a lovely clear and clean water supply of our own.  So we also no have a usable utility and hopefully tomorrow I will have a cupboard door on the missing one!

On the alpaca front all is well, Geena's little boy is happily taking his bottle top ups and is gaining weight steadily.  Chiquita and Gabby's boys are also growing well, despite being the smallest Chiquita's little man has gain the most weight and now weighs 7.24kg which is great.

Palm-Olive is looking increasing uncomfortable, she is at 320 days now and does have some milk.  She is from Remarque and pregnant to Gianmarco's Masterpiece so we are very exciting to see what she will produce.

Time to go and find my naughty missing cat!

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