Friday 24 August 2012

A palace awaits

I seem to be having so many issues with blogger since it all changed, some nights I can't sign in, some nights it wont upload photo's or I can't comment on other peoples blogs, does anyone else find it a pain?

Anyway, enough complaining today has been another busy one, this morning we had Mary to spit off.  Now Mary is a bit of a choosy girl and only likes darkies so you have to make sure you use the right boy or you might get a wrong result. 

So Loki being our black stud (and Mary's boyfriend) got the job, this was her 21 day check and I could tell as soon as we got close she was going to sit.  She usually starts flashing her eye lids if she's not interested.  Plonk, down she went, not ideal as we are reaching the end of our mating season here.

This afternoon we headed over to a prospect alpaca owners new field which we were checking over for them.  A lovely couple and a fantastic alpaca palace awaits some very lucky alpacas.

On the way back home we nipped in to Carol & Dave's as Dave had been shopping for me, Carol had some more knitting ready for Glendale Show on Monday and there were some bits of tree for the lucky goats supper!

Thanks for the kind comments on our caricature of Casiphia, Paul has been busy updating the home page of our website with the new logo too.


Rosemary said...

YES! I am also struggling at times with Blogger - and, irritatingly, people's blogs don't always show up for several hours, or even a whole day at one point, on my list when they have posted so I miss reading them!

oak haven alpacas said...

I have had issues with Blogger also. I so wish they hadn't changed!!! I do not do well with change. I was a pro at posting before. Now it takes me a lot more time :(

Judi B said...

I also find the new blogger irritating, like others, I can't post sometimes, can't always comment etc. and like Rosemary new posts seem to be erratic as to the time they take to arrive on my list! I think it's supposed to be "progress" (?!)Technology eh?!