Sunday 26 August 2012

August or October

The weather has been awful today, it was just starting to rain when I went out to do my 5.30am Kealani check and it's hardly stopped all day.  It has varied from heavy to torrential rain and back again, the fields are soggy, the alpacas are filthy and it's August, can you believe it.

The goats didn't want to go out this morning but I did manage to convince them at lunchtime it would be an idea for them to go and stretch their legs, but it wasn't long before they were back banging on on gate wanting in. 

As I nipped to the shed to get some bits for the phone charms I was making someone turned the rain tap on full pelt so I let the goaties in much to their relief.

With the weather bad it's been indoor jobs all day, Paul has been working on the website all afternoon and evening.  At one point tempers got rather frayed when the whole website went pear shaped, but after a lot of head scratching it is working, in fact he has managed to get our new logo limited addition tea towel in the shop.

The home page also has a new look as have a few other pages, can you spot them?

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