Tuesday 21 August 2012

On the job training

Despite the mixed weather forecast it has actually been very nice until this evening when we had torrential rain and a thunder storm - and yes it started just as I went out to feed.

This morning we had a couple of spit offs to do with the livery girls, one of which resulting in a mating, the other in me being spat at.  Great start to the morning odour a la paca!

This afternoon we have had two lots of visitors, firstly some of our old neighbours.  They were saying how empty the fields looked without them and how they miss seeing the alpacas.  Jackie couldn't resist going home without a couple of Barnacre goodies.

Just as they left Jan and April arrived to see their new girls who will be heading off home with them soon (as soon as they are all holding pregnancies and spitting off).  They were also coming for a bit of hands on experience.

After we'd been to say hello to their new girls and the two cria, who you did a fab job of picking out girls, we went on to do a spot of husbandry.  Jan is a qualified nurse so was happy to give injections a go, and she was a true pro.  Toe nails clipped, teeth checked, body scoring (all alpacas obviously) it was time for the fun bit, matings and spit offs...

Molly, one of their girls was due a spit off today and Mallika and Gabby needed mating so the four of us got the girls in and left Paul there whilst we went to get the boys. 

Hughie was a very naughty boy and thought he'd show Jan just how strong alpacas are (sorry!) and then Sandstorm didn't want to come to have his head collar put on, but in the end we got there.  Guinea was his usual obliging self trotted over for his head collar to be put on and stood happily with April whilst we got Sandstorm.

Again happy to get stuck in Jan took Sandstorm in to Molly, who wasn't at all impressed, I warned Jan to duck just in time!  Great that's week two for Molly.  With a rebuff from Molly Sandstorm went on to Gabby and Guinea went to work on Princess Mallika.

Whilst Sandstorm was waiting for Guinea to finish he decided to spit at Jan for not letting him have another girl - sorry again!  Luckily despite getting pushed about, spat at and trod on we haven't put them off which is good and Jan even rang this evening to say they'd enjoyed it.

We enjoyed seeing them again and loved the fab cupcakes that Jan had made; thank you.

Finally before I go I thought I'd just show you another of our visitors today, a lizard.  This was in one of the livery girls water buckets.  Snow loves to paddle in them and tip them up and this seems to attract them.

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Wow ...at the lizard it is amazing,vivid colours and wow and yuck at the spit flyinhg alpaca wrestling today ! Sounds like you had it all under control...in a professional sort of way ! ...here's hoping for a much quieter day tomorrow ......Jayne