Wednesday 29 August 2012

Sleep deprivation following the last birth

Thank you to those of you who have phoned, texted or tweeted to make sure we are ok due to the lack of blogs and tweets, it is down to sleep deprivation and not enough hours in the day.

Since my last blog we have been over to see last years young boys we sold, and to help with injections and cut some toe nails (not that many nails needed doing), been to a very wet Glendale Show and had a very weak cria born which has needed round the clock care.

Despite the rain the alpacas proved popular at the Glendale Show, the boys didn't seem to notice the rain as much as Paul did, being under cover with the knitwear thankfully I wasn't as wet as they were; until we packed up!

Thanks to Rachel Simpson for this photo of us in the parade of champions - Seymour was wanting to make a call of nature all the way round!!
We have now had our final cria of the year born, a very weak little white girl from Kealani and Legend of Spartacus.  We have had her in the house in front of the aga to try and get her warm and keep her warm and she has now been reunited with mum in the shed under a heat lamp.

She is now strong enough to stand for short periods but with very little lower muscle strength she soon gets tired.  She is managing short feeds from mum and with additional bottle top ups of milk we are milking from Kealani (which she is far from impressed about), there has been a tiny weight gain today.

This baby marks another Barnacre milestone, our first home bred girl Oonagh is a grandma!! 


Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Fingers crossed for you.

Rosemary said...

Every best wish - and hoping you get some sleep soon!

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Hope things are continuing to improve with your new arrival ... sounds like the Aga has been very handy indeed...hope that sleep deprivation is soon a thing of the past !.......Jayne

Unknown said...

You sound like you feel just like us after Lullaby was born sick...she is worth every hour of lost sleep, but I am sure we were sleep deprived for a month (add in an odd night shift at the hospital for good measure). I hope she continues to improve (as do you both too!)