Wednesday 22 August 2012

A hot date to forget your worries

Today we were heading over to Cumbria with the trailer as we had a date with Black Sabbath at Beckbrow. Well I say 'we' had a date, I'm talking alpaca dating obviously!

Geena, our stress head black girl, and mum to our black stud Loki was a bit of a nightmare to get in the trailer. As we haven't quite got the channel all the way down to the shed yet we had to do a lot of convincing (in the rain) to get her down but we got there in the end, slightly later than we had hoped.

As soon as we arrived she was humming away, in fact the only time she was quiet was whilst she was being mated! She's a floozy and soon forgot her worries at the sight of a boyfriend, it was soon back to stressing afterwards, in fact it continued until the trailer pulled off!

Despite her stress in the past she has always taken first time (with the exception of the year she tricked us into believing she was pregnant when she wasn't), so hopefully the same will be said for this year.

Thankfully Kealani was fine when we got home, no cria. We had assessed her before we left and if we thought there was any chance of her birthing Paul would have gone on his own. Maybe she's waiting for mum to come at the weekend.

The hot news on the duck front, this evening all but the youngest two ducks were in bed when we went to chase them in. Yoko and Ju were snuggled up next to the coop making out the ramp was too high for them to get on!

And the chicks are now a week old, and exhausted tonight after trying to work out what to do with their wings!



Shirley said...

Love the new 'Barnacre Alpaca' logo on your blog guys! Shirley & Robbie

Unknown said...

At least Geena enjoyed her date...if not the overall experience!

Great to catch up again...and I also love the new branding folks...fab!

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

The chicks look lovely ! and bushed with all the excitement. Zirrianna has an acute deep bacterial skin infection... which is really quite nasty....andhas been under treatment for months now ! Its not mange a skin biopsy has revealed what the problem I couldn't get to the bottom of it !...we are in the process of dealing with it !!! ....Jayne

Rosemary said...

That is going to be a fine looking cria! I am still wishing for a black!