Sunday 19 August 2012

Sunday job list

So much for an early blog and early bed, I don't know why I even bother saying it because it never happens!

We have been working our way through the job list today.  After the morning feed rounds we gathered up the lowland sheep, our original pet girls and their lambs.  This task is somewhat easier than gathering the 200 blackies they live with.

All you need to do is shout their name and if they don't hear that and come running, rattle a food bucket and they are like Usain Bolt on the 100 meter straight!  The 5 girls, Mia, Mocha, Ebony, Ruby & Annie all happily trotted back to the yard where they had their nails trimmed and were taken down to the hay field.  Mia's eyes almost popped out of her head; nice grass and no wild sheep.

Then there was a bit of hay moving to be done, you'd think we'd moved all of Northumberlands' hay supplies the amount of time we've spent moving hay!

We managed to fit in a spot of fencing before the heavens opened so then it was back indoors.  I've been bagging up our latest Barnacre Alpacas poster, it's great come and see it at Glendale Show Bank Holiday Monday.

Before the rain arrived I did manage to take a photo of Paul with the livery girls, so this one's for you Hilary.

With it being so wet the goats seems to be suffering a bit with their feet so they are all shut in tonight so dry them off so I can have a good look at them tomorrow and try and sort them out, one had a hot foot but there was nothing obvious wrong; other than it was covered in mud.

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Miriam said...

Never a dull moment then! :-)