Friday 10 August 2012

Farm walk and talk

We've had another busy day on the farm today, it was another early start thanks to the cats mainly.  As you will probably recall from previous blogs I get up early, especially during birthing season, however this morning the cats decided that I wasn't getting up early enough, 4.10am and all three of them were howling at different exit points, Izzie at the kitchen window, Tilly at the hall door and Smudge on my pillow just in case I couldn't hear them!

So up I got and let them out, not Smudge though at 18 years old she prefers to lay in front of the aga.  Her issue was someone had drunk all the water.  Seeing as I was now wide awake I thought I may as well clean some of the kitchen island mess before doing my early morning check.

We had two lots of visitors booked in, one was a family for one of our Farm walk and talk experiences.  The sun shone for them and they had a thoroughly enjoyable walk taking out Angelica, Minimus, Piccolina and Nadia.
Angelica, the white girl at the front is from Willow and Legend and isn't one of the 'usual' walkers however she lead the way and seemed to quite enjoy her walk further up the hill. 

If anyone else is interested in getting up close and personal with our alpacas and fancies one of our experiences do drop us a line, they are proving rather popular and make a fantastic gift.

More on our other visitors tomorrow......

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Bev said...

Rain sun rain sun, and a late cut.. 17.666 bales. BTW what's the prize?