Saturday 18 August 2012

Ducking out

The weather once again hasn't been very good here despite me getting texts for opposite ends of the country telling me how hot it's been the three youngest cria have had their coats on here all day!  It did finally brighten up by tea time which s something I suppose.

The wet weather did make me sort out the latest knitwear that needed labelling and entering onto the stock sheets, a job I really don't like doing, but needs must.

Today was the day I decided that the ducklings could venture out onto the pond.  I left them shut in the house for a little whilst so they knew were bed was, then we opened the door.

Eventually the grey and white runner braved the outside world.
And it wasn't long before the six of them were back with Jemima and Beatrix. 
Unfortunately shutting them in this morning didn't make getting them in any easier tonight.  It took Paul and I ages to get them in, and we got eaten alive by the midges for our troubles.

Whilst I was out with the camera I managed to get this shot of Neelie, she was the first female Gianmarco's Masterpiece cria, born April 2011.  She had had a real fight early on to stay with us, suffering one thing after another following her early birth, but in true Blossom (her gran) family style she is  a fighter and is just fine now.

Finally I snapped this tonight in between trying to get the ducks in.  As the saying goes Red sky at night, shepherds delight.  So here's hoping tomorrow is a better day.

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Apple Vale Alpacas said...

We've found that ducks never go in of they're own choice, and they're more difficult if you try to do it before dusk! Hens, on the other hand, see the sense in a safe cosy bed.