Sunday 10 August 2008

Another entry in the accident book - and this time it's not me!

It has been a very busy day today and Paul tried to get off with light duties! Our neighbour has generously given us the use of their paddock now that they no longer have sheep grazing it, so we had another spot of fencing to do.

You would think that we are now getting to be experts at said task, however, Paul got slightly carried away, and lifted the post knocker too high and somehow managed to hit himself on the head with it. He has a lovely bruise and cut, not to mention a very sore head. One way to make sure I knock in my fair share of posts I suppose, but a bit drastic though!

Anyhow, with the job complete we were able to move the girls and their cria onto the nice fresh grass. I just love to see them when they get onto fresh grass, they get so excited running and skipping about, even more so today when it was grass they'd never been able to go on before.

Once everyone was off the old grass we did all the necessary, cut the long grass round the toilet areas, harrowed, rolled then then for good measure put some fertiliser down. It now looks terrible, but it will come back better than ever - well that's the hope!

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