Wednesday 20 August 2008

New faces at breakfast

This morning everyone was in for a treat, one of Paul's work colleagues Sam bought her nieces Chloe and Ebony over to meet the alpacas so they had the pleasure of feeding everyone. Imala took full advantage of the situation and ate more than her fair share before it reached the troughs!

As you would expect Hughie loved seeing new faces and the girls enjoyed him to, even Loki hung around to say hello. Ebony got to meet Ebony the lamb, not forgetting all the others, Mia was pleased new visitors had arrived because it meant she got breakfast, which is something she doesn't get at this time of the year when there is so much grass.

This evening we did a spot more halter work with Legend and Marky who were both very good, panic over for the show (she says with fingers crossed)!

Gaussian's mid week weigh in went well too, he'd put on half a kilo despite hardly taking any bottle all week. He's obviously getting something from somewhere.

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