Thursday 28 August 2008

A trip to Purston Alpacas

Sorry for the lack of blog yesterday, but we were far too tired to turn the machine on last night having completed a 548 mile round trip. The long awaited day had arrived when we could go and collect our animals from David Barnett, down at Purston following their blue tongue vaccinations (we are still in a free zone up here).

All went according to plan and they seem to have settled in, I'll tell you more about them in the next few days. Golden Guinea our new brown stud has taken to Northumberland folk already, this morning he introduced himself to the workmen who are converting the barn across the road, not to mention Alan our farmer friend and our resident chickens! Hopefully he will be as taken with Ursula tomorrow when he gets to meet her and the the Barnacre girls.

We have been to the sawmill again today to purchase further supplies for field shelter building - Paul just loves having a week off work!!

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