Sunday 3 August 2008

Summer Soiree

We have had a lovely couple of days down south. We had been lucky enough to be invited by Matthew & Cathy Lloyd of EP Cambridge to attend their Summer Soiree at their lovely Baydon home. It was a pleasure to accept and we had a wonderful time, the two seminars were fantastic Jane Vaughan gave a particularly interesting talk as did Ian Watt.

It was nice to see some familiar faces and also meet some new alpacas enthusiasts. We also cast our eye over a number of very nice alpacas - well it would have been a shame not to when there was such an exclusive collection there!

Friday Paul was working, so I took the opportunity to go and see Rob & Les at Wellground Alpacas where our lovely Little Miss Irraquoy has been covered by their very impressive stud Buckingham. Hopefully she is holding her pregnancy and will spit off tomorrow. More news on that one tomorrow.

Gaussian has been a complete monkey whilst we have been away, refusing to take milk from my parents who had been left holding the bottle so to speak. Despite his stubbornness and refusal to even put the bottle in his mouth for them, he has put on a bit of weight, thankfully now he is nibbling on more grass it is obviously helping. Today he has been a good boy and drank for me, he must have been hungry because he beat his previous record for milk intake in one day!

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