Thursday 14 August 2008

Having slept on it...

We are still excited!

The boys seemed to have settled in nicely, checking out their new surroundings. It was getting pretty dark when they arrived home last night. Despite this and being in a totally new environment and with strangers Marky happily walked on the halter with Legend trotting behind, to their temporary paddock. We've got them in one of the girls resting paddocks so we could keep a very close eye on them last night.

We also managed to collect Kate yesterday on the way home who had been down with our friends Trevor & Dick at Farrlacey to be mated to their great black boy Hornblower. She looks good, they hadn't managed to improve her attitude mind you :-) . She has a wonderful fleece but is a bit of a kicking spitter when she wants to be! Thanks for the tea and cakes guys they were lovely.

Back off out into the rain - I'll be back with another posting tonight.

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Rob @ Wellground said...

The stud pages are looking good folks

Rob and Les