Saturday 23 August 2008

We're building again

Following the arrival our our stud boys, and the further division of our land, we are in need of some additional shelters. So we decided to have a go at building a few smaller ones, for the boys initially, ourselves. This afternoon was the beginning of attempt number one, and so far so good.

We have begun in what will be Golden Guinea's paddock so we didn't have any help whilst we were establishing the best method of construction. Gianmarco's Masterpiece spent the whole time watching over the fence humming advice. I think he agreed with the way we were doing it!

Marky is in a good mood today, he got to have another 'go' with Duchess who hadn't ovulated following her mating last week. You may recall I did say she wasn't her usual co-operative self, she obviously knew the timing wasn't right. Today she had sat down and was waiting for her man before he had even got near the mating pen let alone in it! Hopefully that means she will ovulate this time and hopefully hold a pregnancy.

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